Blu-Ray sleeve and booklet cover for Arrow Academy
This was my first non-box assignment for Arrow, but that didn't make it any easier. There were plenty of stills available for Tale of Cinema but only a handful for Woman is the Future of Man, not to mention the need to place two titles and the director's name into a relatively small area.
Many of the stills required a light to moderate amount of retouching. This one, for instance, had an annoying glare on the metal frame that had to be removed.
I always try to improve with each job and, since the Sacha Guitry set didn't allow much in the way of exploration, I decided to really dig in on this one. Without having seen the films, all I could do was pick the stills that told a story. My personal favorite was #5 (second row left).
At one point, the Arrow producers suggested I try a black and white solution.
Back to color. In the end, the third image (top row right) will be used for the booklet cover. The typeface is Termina. For instructions on how to get that illustrated look, please click on over to the Sacha Guitry page.
In the end, the producers went with option #1 below for the sleeve, but with the title treatment colors from #2. This was one of the few usable stills from Woman is the Future of Man. The typeface is Tablet Gothic.
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