Blu-Ray box, sleeves, and booklet cover for Arrow Academy
Shortly after completing work on the Film Noir set, I was offered this boxset: Three Films by Jia Zhangke. I was completely unfamiliar with his work — Zhangke is considered a leading figure in China's "Sixth Generation" of cinema: filmmakers who came up in the late 80s and early 90s, armed with cheap digital technology and forced to deal with state censorship and a lack of government funding.
I couldn't watch the films this time around but I did have a ton of (mostly) hi-rez stills to work with. Unlike the Film Noir set which consisted of Saul Bass-style illustrations, this set was to involve a purely photographic solution. I submitted seven different "themes" including...

Version 1: The Medium Shot

Version 2: The Wide Shot

Version 3: The Close-Up

Version 4: The Environment

Version 5: The Environment II

Version 6: Action (they chose this one)

Version 7: Action II

Some of these images need to be recomposed to fit a portrait-style package. In the case of the first image below, I simply wanted to combine the close-up and wide shot.
I was also tasked with coming up with a booklet cover. Most of these are simply rejected sleeve concepts. They chose #3.
I submitted seven box concepts. They liked #3 but wanted the title treatment of #5 with the text all on one line, except for Zhangke which gets its own line. They also asked that I color code each title, so the titles listed on the front of the box would match the individual sleeves.
I'm very happy with how this turned out. The typeface, by the way, is Proxima Nova. Please note that the spine of the box is blurred — the Arrow producers simply wanted me to wrap the image around the spine but this would've revealed an incongruous background actor. Blurring was the most elegant solution.
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