Blu-Ray sleeve for Arrow Academy
My Name is Julia Ross is a 1945 film noir produced by Columbia Pictures' B-movie unit. The Arrow producers didn't have many assets to work with but, by the time I was given this title, they had already chosen this still with this specific framing. All that was required was a title treatment and a little stylization. I also had to paint out part of a third person at the edge of the frame.
The Title Treatment
I submitted eight different title treatments. They are as follows: 1.) Bodoni Poster Compressed, 2.) see below, 3.) Gioviale, 4.) Bodoni Poster Compressed, 5.) Komu (variation "B"), 6. Komu (variation "A"),
7.) AdornS Condensed Sans, and 8.) Eloquent JF.
The Arrow producers chose #1.
#2 was simply traced and cleaned up from the original artwork (below left).
I didn't want to do anything gimmicky or inappropriate, so I submitted a variety of subtle tints. Oh, and I know it looks like I only spent five minutes on it, but I did give serious consideration to colors and opacities! [smile]
The Final Pass
The producers wanted a blue tint, inspired by the original poster above. I submitted four variations — it's the same color sampled from the poster but in four different blend modes (overlay, soft light, 65% multiply, and 60% color). They went with #3.
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