Blu-Ray sleeve for Arrow Academy
A couple of weeks after starting work on the Hong Sangsoo release, I was asked to design this release featuring three films from Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf: Gabbeh, The Silence, and The Gardener. No separate booklet cover design was needed.
As usual, many of the stills required light retouching. This one in particular needed to be recomposed to fit a portrait-style package.
This image was used for a Gabbeh promotional poster at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival. I rotated it just to give it some visual interest which necessitated filling in the gaps.
The process was pretty straightforward and I found many of the stills worked as a cover.
Once the Arrow producers settled on #4 above, they asked me to try different title treatments, eventually settling on #2 below. The typeface is Komu (variation "B"). For the final release, I added the titles underneath.
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