Blu-Ray box, sleeves, and booklet cover for Arrow Academy
I was working on one set for Arrow Academy when they e-mailed asking if I could immediately start work on another one. When it rains, it pours! Jean-Luc Godard + Jean-Pierre Gorin: Five Films, 1968-1971 features five 16mm political documentaries shot by the duo as part of a collective known as Dziga Vertov, formed in 1968 and dissolved a few years later.
When I started, I wasn't 100% sure which stills corresponded with what films, which is why I put off the individual sleeves for later and designed the box first. The only requirement was that I use the typeface JeanLuc. Godard's films are known for, among other things, their distinctive use of typography. More info about that here. The Arrow producers liked concept #4 the best. The one pictured in the product shot above is the final version while the thumbnail below is my first pass. 
At this point, I still didn't know which stills corresponded with what films, but I did my best. I played around with a variety of approaches and the color scheme was informed by the temporary artwork Arrow posted when the set was initially announced months earlier.
The Arrow producers liked the final concept and asked me to do individual covers for all five films in that style. In the end, all but the middle (red) cover were used for the set.
These are the final sleeves, along with my unused booklet cover. For that, the producers used the second concept above (woman with sunglasses) instead. 
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