Key art for various up-and-coming indie filmmakers

Poster for Tango Shalom (dir. Gabriel Bologna)

Poster for documentary Jasper Mall (dir. Bradford Thomason/Brett Whitcomb)

Poster for short film Of Dionysus (dir. Scott Giameo)

Poster for Moving in 2008 (dir. Calogero Carucci)

Poster for short documentary Quận 13​​​​​​​ (dir. Hieu Gray)

Poster for short film Furthest From (dir. Kyung Sok Kim)

Poster for The Walk (dir. Chang Hyun Park/Adam Jung)

Poster for short film Mors Dag (dir. Jeanine Frost, who also did the artwork)

Poster for short documentary The Marsh Guardian (dir. Arnas Pigulevicius)

Poster for short film Screentest (dir. David Orlowitz)

Poster for short film Karma (dir. Julien Dolivo)

Poster for Azaar (dir. Myriam Raja)

Poster for short documentary Lost Weekend (dir. Bradford Thomason/Brett Whitcomb | in collaboration with Palaceworks)

Poster for short film The Long Goodbye (dir. Karl Stelter)

Poster for short film Heatstroke (dir. Edgar Morais)

Key art for streaming documentary series produced by Dirty Robber and previously available on go90, which unfortunately was shuttered by Verizon in July, 2018

Back cover design for Vol. 3, Fall 2017: "Fashion's Killer Creatives - Film Issue" (Final retouching by Jim Alexandrou)

Poster for short film Safety (dir. Fabrice Joubert)

Poster for documentary Heart to Heart (dir. Takashi Ui/Koji Matsumoto)

Poster for Caretakers (dir. Elias Talbot/George Loomis)

Poster for short film From the Top/Desde el principio (dir. Miguel Soliman)

Poster for the episode "Porn Star" from the web series Manbeast
(dir. Brandon Aquino/Randall Avilez)

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