Reverse sleeves and booklets for Arrow Video
I managed to keep pretty busy throughout 2020 (and for that I am eternally grateful). The producers at Arrow assigned me Black Test Car + The Black Report in May and both Warning from Space and Burst City in July. I am admittedly not well-versed in Japanese cinema and all three releases were educational experiences.
Black Test Car + The Black Report
Daiei Film produced a series of Black films between 1962 and 1964, exploring industrial espionage, corporate crime, and murder. There were 11 films in all and included in this package are the first two, both directed by Yasuzo Masumura.
The great Tony Stella did artwork for both titles with The Black Report on the reverse sleeve. For the booklet cover, the original one-sheet for Black Test Car needed to be cleaned up and re-sized.
Photo retouching was pretty straightforward and I was able to use much of the negative space for text. Given the dimensions of the booklet, I cropped and repositioned some of the elements in the third image below.
(Note: after Mallrats, I've since eased up on the contrast a little bit.)
In terms of fonts, I used Bazoo Tow NF W01 Regular for headings (which is what Tony Stella originally used for his English title treatments) and Kings Caslon for body copy. Looking at it now, I probably would've used something else. Since working on The Game book, Cormorant Garamond has become my serif of choice.
Warning from Space
Produced after the success of Godzilla, Daiei's Warning from Space was the first Japanese sci-fi film shot in color and features a race of starfish-like aliens called the Pairans who journey to Earth.
The insanely-talented Matt Griffin did the artwork while the reverse sleeve was to feature the original Spanish one-sheet, but with the title treatment replaced with an English version.
1. Spanish one-sheet supplied by Arrow
2. Background blend
3. Clone out Spanish title, smaller spacecraft, and paper creases (Kyle Webster's brushes came in handy)
4. Additional clone work and darkening of black letters
5. Curve and hue/saturation adjustments with color lookup (Fuji ETERNA 250D Fuji 3510) and repositioning/resizing of smaller spacecraft
6. Add English title (Amboy Black)

Once again, photo retouching was pretty simple. The Arrow producers wanted the Spanish one-sheet presented in the booklet so I simply added the original title back to the retouched poster. And while I enjoy reading all the essays in the booklets I work on, David Cairns' piece "Words of Warning" about the dubbing process is my kind of movie geekery!
I used American Captain for headings. The Arrow producers wanted to maintain some consistency with the booklets from their previous Japanese releases, hence the use of Helvetica Neue LT 57 Condensed for the body copy, slightly different margins, and the articles starting on the right side of the spread.
Burst City
Featuring real-life Japanese punk bands The Stalin, The Roosters, The Rockers, and INU, Sōgo Ishii's Burst City is a dystopian punk rock musical pitting rival bands and their fans against the yakuza.
Frequent Arrow collaborator and master illustrator Chris Malbon did the artwork while the reverse sleeve featured the original Japanese one-sheet. It didn't require a lot of work but to make room for the Arrow logo, I had to shift the text under the title over to the right just a little bit.
Many of the stills included enough dark areas that could extend right to the bleed. Oddly, I had to send the booklet back to the printer a few times after I was told the background texture had next to no black in it which could cause color variance issues. If I recall, some opacity adjustments solved the problem. 
As with Hiroshima, the filmography was a challenge. I decided against columns this time which helped but everything still had to be double- and triple-checked, especially given I was working with Japanese characters and the UK date format.
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