Hi! I'm a freelance graphic designer based in Van Nuys, California. My specialities include alternative posters, theatrical key art, home video packaging, and assorted pop culture geekery. I've also worked as a movie studio file clerk, office temp, background actor, retail worker, and NASA test subject (yes, really!).
Olivri, Thomas (Creative Director), Total Geek-Art: A Celebration of Pop Culture. Cernunnos/Abrams, 2020. pp. 348–351. (English version of the book below.)
Olivri, Thomas (Creative Director), Total Geek-Art: Une anthologie artistique de la pop culture. Huginn & Muninn, 2019. pp. 372–375.
Hill, John J. (Creative Director), Visions from the Upside Down: Stranger Things Artbook. Printed in Blood, 2019. p. 94.
PosterSpy Annual Portfolio Review Winners Exhibition at The Old Street Gallery 4/5–4/6/19
Judges: Grzegorz Domaradzki, Bartosz Kosowski, Karl Fitzgerald, Joshua Budich, Chris Thornley, and Michelle Gardiner
London, England
Us Fan Art Gallery at SXSW 3/9–3/10/19
Austin, TX
Through the Mind's Eye: A Group Art Tribute to Stanley Kubrick 9/2–9/17/17
Curator: Darren Roberts, Creature Features
Burbank, CA
Hill, John J. (Creative Director), The Thing: Artbook. Printed in Blood, 2017. p. 303.
John Carpenter's The Thing 35th Anniversary Art Show 4/8–4/16/17
Curator: Taylor White, Creature Features
Burbank, CA
Claquin, Frédéric, and Jack Woodhams (Curators), PosterSpy: Alternative Movie Poster Collection. Plan9 Entertainment, 2016, pp. 198–201.
FAT Village Art Walk 4/26/15
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Remarque, Visual Annual of FAU
Issue 4, 2015
Featured in Posters, Book Design*, Logo Design, and Miscellaneous* (*Jurors’ Choice)
Remarque, Visual Annual of FAU
Issue 3, 2014
Featured in Logo Design and Book Design
Travis, Scott. “Spin Doctors: FAU Archivists Restore Vintage Children’s Records Damaged in Superstorm Sandy.“ 30 June 2013: Page 1A.
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